November 23, 2015

Refugee related data

Funding shortage leaves Syrian refugees in danger of missing vital support [UNHCR, Jun 25 2015]
In Jordan, head of UN food relief agency urges increased funding for Syrian refugees [UN News Center, Aug 12 2015]
Europe's migrant crisis: key questions [Yahoo/AFP]
Over 900,000 migrants arrived in Germany this year, state ministry [Reuters, Nov 20 2015]
Sweden hits refugee crisis zero hour [DW, Nov 20 2015]
Ifo think tank sees refugee costs soaring [DW, Nov 10 2015] [Nov 24 2015]
UK aid for Turkey to help address impact of the Syria conflict [UK govt, Nov 13 2015]

Mehr als nur ein freundliches Gesicht zeigen [Die Welt,  +-Sep 10 2015]

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