May 09, 2012

German politicians seeking support for Greek Eurozone exit

Politicians of the black-yellow coalition (>CDU/CSU=black, FDP=yellow) no longer want to stand at the sideline and watch the fuzz. Given the unclear political situation in Greece they are advocating the exit of the crisis stricken Mediterranean country out of the eurozone. "We shall offer Greece an orderly exit of the eurozone, without an exit of the European Union", said CDU budget expert Klaus-Peter Willsch to Handelsblatt online. It's not for the Germans to dictate the Greeks how they should live. Sunday's election result could lead to the conclusion that the Greek people is not willing to bear the substantial efforts which are necessary to lead the country to competitiveness. The dogma, that no country should leave the eurozone, has already resulted in too much damage in European policies" , Mr Willsch added. The introduction of a new currency is often experienced before. "It offers also Greece more chances instead of a stubborn continuation of its way on the wrong track"
Source: Politik trommelt für Euro-Austritt Griechenlands

*** comment:

Mr Willsch is along with very high ranking CDU MP Wolfgang Bosbach and FDP MP Frank Schäffler one of the few outspoken "Euro rebels" in German parliament. Those are the best known of a group of some MPs already abstaining or voting against earlier laws concerning the EFSF and other measures to "save" e.g. Greece , and Frank Schäffler was busy to get enough  (FDP) party member support for a binding resolution for his party not be in favor of the ESM .