December 26, 2011

CPB: little extra prosperity by Euro

Nov 20th:
CPB: weinig extra welvaart door euro (dut)

CPB: little extra prosperity by Euro

The introduction of the Euro brought the Netherlands just little extra prosperity.That conclusion was drawn by the CPB , the dutch bureau for central planning (an advice body for the govt) in the book titled: "Europe in crisis". The advantage of the Euro is roundabout a weeks wage of a years income (other sources quote about +-500€)
The free trade within Europe did bring Netherlands much more profit of about one month wage. This advantage is ever increasing. so it is written by the CPB.
The researchers warn of a break up of the Eurozone. The costs for that would be gigantic and would harm the prosperity.

The CPB states that it would be beneficial if there were more rights transferred to European authorities.

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