January 15, 2014

Natural gas production in NL

some (latest) facts:

Groningen Gas Field - Shell (pdf, 2 pages, ENG)
Groningen gas field almost world's largest (NU.NL, Dutch)
Groningen gasfield (NAM - facts and figures)
Groningen gas field (nlog.nl)


fiscal implications:
Natural gas revenues reduce public deficit (CBS- Dutch Statistics, Nov 22nd 2012)


newspaper reports:
Groningen gas production to be scaled back, costing state €3.5bn (Dutchnews, Jan 17th 2013)
Most MPs want to reduce gas extraction in Groningen (Dutchnews, Jan 15th 2014)
Action group 'Shocking Groningen' occupies NAM's gas facility (nieuws.nl, Jan 12th 2014)
Protests in eastern Groningen as anti-government sentiment rises (Dutchnews, Jan 6th 2014)
A lot more gas pumped up (in 2013) (NOS , Jan 2nd 2014, Dutch)
Groningen gas earthquakes damage listed buildings (Dutchnews, Nov 27th 2013)
New earthquake in Groningen (Dutchnews, Sep 4th 2013)
Second minor earthquake hits Groningen (Dutchnews, Aug 17th 2013)
Groningen hit by another earthquake, minister visits locals (Dutchnews, Jul 3rd 2013)
Minister wants earthquake risk through gas extraction lowered (Dutchnews, Jan 29th 2013)
Earthquake risk is 'manageable and acceptable' says gas group  (Dutchnews, Jan 27th 2013)

Exxon Set to Tap ‘Enormous’ Slochteren Field for 50 More Years (Bloomberg, Jun 17th 2009)

earthquake related:
Natural gas extraction in Groningen (NL govt letter to parliament, Jan 25th 2013)