April 13, 2012

Target2 debate - part2


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Bruegel - debate on Target2


# pdf Stefan Homburg :Notes on the Target2 dispute
Oct 22nd 2012

Hans-Werner Sinn: TARGET losses in case of a euro breakup
Jun 10th 2012

Beate Reszat: Target2 – Q&A
Apr 19th 2012

German tempers boil over back-door euro rescues
Apr 9th 2012

TARGET2 – An answer
Apr 3rd 2012 Misguided Target2 theory is not borne out by the facts
Mar 14th 2012

Professor Sinn strays off target
Mar 13th 2012 #
Die ganze Wahrheit über Target2
Mar 13th 2012

Soaring Target2 Imbalances Stoke German Risk Angst: Euro Credit
Mar 9th 2012 #
Warum es „Sinn“ macht sich mit Target2 zu beschäftigen
Mar 6th 2012

The Hundred-Billion-Euro Bomb: Euro-Zone Central Bank System Massively Imbalanced

# = German Language

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  1. The complete TARGET2-debate: http://www.robertmwuner.de/materialien_euro_literatur_target2.html