April 23, 2012


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Central bank
Netherlands @InfodeskDNB_NL

Central bank
Jan Sijbrand Netherlands @JanSijbrand

Central bank
Nederlandsche Bank Netherlands @DNB_NL

Economists prof Ewald Engelen Netherlands @ewaldeng

Economists prof Bas Jacobs Netherlands @_basjacobs

Economists prof Lex Hoogduin Netherlands @lexhoogduin

Centraal Planbureau Netherlands @centraalpb

CBS.nl statistiek Netherlands @statistiekcbs

Economists prof Robert Went Netherlands @went1955

Economists journos Mathijs Bouman Netherlands @mathijsbouman

Economists journos Roland Koopman Netherlands @rolandkoopman

Economists journos Martin Visser Netherlands @martinvisser

Economists journos Martine Wolzak Netherlands @wolzak

Economists journos Marike Stellinga Netherlands @Mstellinga


Political journos Frits Wester Netherlands @fritswester RTL TV
Political journos Dominique van der Heyde Netherlands @DominiqueHeyde NOS TV
Political journos Durk Veenstra Netherlands @durkveenstra RTL TV
Political journos Petra Griijzen Netherlands @petragrijzen BNR Radio
Political journos

Netherlands @m_nieuwenhuisen

Political journos Leon Willems Netherlands @Leon_Willems FD
Political journos Joshua Livestro Netherlands @JoshuaLivestro Publisher

Maurice de Hond Netherlands @mauricedehond opinion polls

Politicians MEP Sophie in 't Veld Netherlands @SophieintVeld D'66
Politicians FinMin Jan Kees deJager Netherlands @JcdeJager CDA
Politicians PriMin Minister- President Netherlands @MinPres VVD leader
Politicians EcnMin Maxime Verhagen Netherlands @MaximeVerhagen CDA leader

Alexander Pechtold Netherlands @Apechtold D66 leader

@KeesVee D66

@DiederikSamson PvdA leader








Netherlands @NOS

NOS Feed Netherlands @NOSFeed

Omroep WNL Netherlands @OmroepWNL

Netherlands @NOSFeed

Netherlands @Nieuwsuur

Netherlands newsp De Telegraaf nieuws Netherlands @telegraaf

Netherlands TV Jan Eikelboom Netherlands @janeikelboom

Netherlands newsp Elsevier
Netherlands @elsevier

Netherlands newsp Colums NL Netherlands @columnisten

Netherlands TV Saskia Dekkers Netherlands @saskiadekkers

Netherlands newsp FD laatste nieuws Netherlands @Fdlaatstenieuws

Financial news
Economisch nieuws Netherlands @nieuwseconomie

April 06, 2012

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Central banks

Catagory Title First name Surname country twitteraccount
Central bank
Federal Reserve USA @federalreserve
Central bank
Banque de Liban Lebanon @Bliban
Central bank
Netherlands @InfodeskDNB_NL
Central bank
Jan Sijbrand Netherlands @JanSijbrand
Central bank
Narodowy Bank Polski Poland @nbppl
Central bank
Austria @oenb
Central bank
Australia @RBAInfo
Central bank
Banque du France France @banquedefrance
Central bank
Latvijas Banka Latvia @LatvijasBanka
Central bank
Banco Central BR eng Brasil @BancoCentralBRe
Central bank
Nationale Bank Belgium @NBB_BNB_NL
Central bank
Slovakia @NBS_sk
Central bank
Soumen Pankki Finland @SuomenPankki
Central bank
Norges Bank Norway @NorgesBank
Central bank
Bank of Japan Japan @Bank_of_Japan_e
Central bank
Nederlandsche Bank Netherlands @DNB_NL
Central bank
Bank of England UK @bankofengland
Central bank
Ceska narodni banka Czech Rep. @CNB_cz

Czech republic

Eurozoneremarks - background data - Czech
Apr 5th 2012
Euro is disastrous project - Czech president Klaus on French TV

April 05, 2012

Twitter follow economists prof

Economists prof Justus Haucap Germany @haucap
Economists prof Paul Krugman USA @NYTimesKrugman
Economists prof Paul de Grauwe Belgium @pdegrauwe
Economists prof Ewald Engelen Netherlands @ewaldeng
Economists prof Bas Jacobs Netherlands @_basjacobs


Catagory Title First name Surname country twitteraccount
Central bank
Federal Reserve USA @federalreserve
Central bank
Eur. Central Bank Europe @ecb_europa_eu
Central bank
Banque de Liban Lebanon @Bliban
Central bank
Netherlands @InfodeskDNB_NL


Dec 16th Moody's cuts Belgium ratings by 2 notches
Dec 16th Fitch puts Belgium on rating watch negative (eng)
Dec 17th Bel. FinMin after downgrade:"We must more then ever stick to our goals" (dutch link)

Dec 20th Dexia Sells Luxembourg Unit to Qatari Fund
Dec 20th Qatar rulers and Luxemburg buy Dexia daughter (german link)

The Netherlands

The Netherlands.

8 superior charts on Dutch economy 2007 - 2012 (by Scott Barber/Reuters)

Dec 11th According to an interview today, Sunday with Dutch finance minister De Jager rules have now to be changed in the way that:

National parliaments must provide numbers of future budgets to European commission where they will be checked. And if they are over the predefined limit automatic sanctions will be imposed UNLESS some 85% of EZ member votes stop those.

30 new laws on bank recap and enhanced regulation were announced.

He didn't elaborate much on the growth part of the "big summit" ...only that he referred to the Eurozone plus package.

Dec 13th Dutch central planning agency: Netherlands in recession now. GDP will shrink 0,5% in 2012. Budget deficit will reach 4,1%, unemployment will rise (link in dutch)

Translated articles:
CPB: "Financial transaction tax not efficient"
Berlin, Helsinki and The hague to strengthen IMF
Nov 25th 2011 The handling of the euro crisis must be quicker
Nov 21st 2011 De Jager: „If you have savings, spend them“
British research institute investigates return of guilder on behalf of PVV
Nov 20th 2011 CPB: little extra prosperity by Euro
ECB and IMF looking for crisis solutions
Dec 22nd 2011 The coup of Knot (president dutch central bank)
Dutch household debt


EZRBackground - ECB
Jan 9th 2012

Italy banks increased sharply their use of ECB loans to over €200bn last month, accounting for almost a quarter of total liquidity supplied (via @ChrisAdamsMKTS)
Jan 9th 2012 ECB lending to Portugal rises 
Jan 4th 2012

Bank deposits with ECB hit record
Jan 3rd 2012 #
Surprising decision: Asmussen not going to be chief economist (ger)
Jan 3rd 2012 #
ECB discusses post of chief economist (ger)
Dec 29th 2011

ECB jumps back in after lukewarm Italian sale
Dec 28th 2011

ECB Balance Sheet Increases to Record 2.73 Trillion Euros
Dec 27th 2011

Nervous banks place record €411bn with ECB as eurozone woes continue
Dec 19th 2011

It depends how much money European banks will get out of the unprecedented ECB 3yr offer. Estimates vary between €450-750 bln. (via @Schuldensuehner)
Dec 19th 2011

Sarko-trade in action:It looks as if banks follow Sarkozy's call for them to use ECB funds to buy sov debt.Span 2yr notes rose for 7th day (via @Schuldensuehner)

# = German language

April 04, 2012


EZR Background Cyprus
Jul 26th 2012

Marcoullis concludes Moscow visit
Jul 26th 2012

EIB bolsters key investments in Cyprus
Jul 26th 2012

Cyprus and Israel cooperation on power
Jul 15th 2012

How hydrocarbons can steer Cyprus out of crisis
Jul 15th 2012

Investors to sue Popular Bank
Jul 14th 2012

Minister denies Troika angered by loan push
Jul 4th 2012

Cyprus bank bailout 'could cost 10 bln euros'
Jul 4th 2012

Cyprus seeks Russian loan on top of EU aid
Jun 26th 2012 #
No more 'Cola' for Cypriot civil servants (FAZ)
Jun 26th 2012

Cyprus’s Sylikiotis in China to Explore Ground for Loan
Jun 24th 2012

Cyprus Is Unlikely to Get Spanish Rescue Terms, Kathimerini Says
Jun 20th 2012

Cyprus sees Greek vote easing its path to aid
Jun 13th 2012

Special Report: How a Greek bank infected Cyprus
Jun 2nd 2012

Cyprus president doesn't exclude an EU bailout
May 15th 2012

Greek storm makes waves in Cypriot credit system
May 7th 2012

Crisis: Cyprus' inflation declines slightly in April
Apr 28th 2012

Cyprus Names Central Bank Chief Who Called for German Euro Exit
Apr 4th 2012

Cyprus generator failure causes supply outages 
Dec 16th 2011

Fitch puts Cyprus on rating watch negative  (eng)

* = Dutch, # = German, % = French language


Apr 04th 2012 Poland’s progress: Tusk take two

April 02, 2012


Eurozoneremarks background Germany
Apr 4th 2012 #
Deutsche Industrie mit stabilem Auftragseingang
Apr 4th 2012 #
Support für das Steuerabkommen
Apr 2nd 2012

German-Turkish trade relations are gaining momentum
Apr 2nd 2012 #
Exporters with longest recession since 10 years (reuters_de) (ger)

# = German language