March 28, 2012


EZRBackground - LTRO
Apr 2nd 2012 #
Ökonomen warnen vor schnellem Ende der Geldflut
Mar 30th 2012 DNB: Three-year LTROs successful against lending drought (Dutch Central Bank)
Mar 29th 2012

Euro area credit: did the ECB wait too long?
Mar 28th 2012

Banks use ECB cash to buy bonds, lend less to firms
Mar 28th 2012 #
Deutsche Bank chief  doesn't give 'all clear' on debt crisis # (reuters-de)
Mar 28th 2012

Professor Karl Whelan: No, the ECB Has Not Hit a Limit
Mar 13th 2012 #
Martin Hellweg: "The banks are still to weak" #(Baseler Zeitung)

They’re back! (thanks to Ltro 2)

Cash parked with ECB hits fresh high 

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Apr 03rd 2012 'Island of the Blind' Riles a Greek Public Facing Cutbacks
Apr 03rd 2012 Athens sees big chance for solar energy #(Wirtschaftsblatt
Apr 03rd 2012  Verhofstadt: Greece is the symptom, not the cause of the crisis
Mar 31st 2012 Merkel discusses Greek efforts and wider eurozone focus
Mar 31st 2012 Greece should look for recovery online, study says
Mar 28th 2012 Greek EconMin:"We must declare war on bureaucracy"  #(FAZ)
Mar 28th 2012 ECB: Greek banks continue to bleed deposits
Oct  07th 2011 Greek rescue: Hoping for a sunrise #(Wirtschaftswoche)
Jan  19th PM seeks to rally support as troika arrives
Jan  16th Officials dispatched to US as default fears grow Jan  16th 46 Days to Avoid Greek DefaultJan  12th Euro Checkers: Guide to Greek PSIJan  04th Commission demands return of €435m in farm subsidies Jan 03rd  Credit negotiations: Greece threatens to exit eurozone (ger)Jan 03rd  EU: Greek PSI Must Be Resolved Before 2nd Bailout Program Resolved [Dow Jones] (via @djfxtrader)
Dec 31st Greeks must avert economic collapse, euro exit: leader Dec 29th Prosecutors’ resignation spurs political storm Dec 29th Greek bond swap deal may soon be reached: officialDec 28th Financial prosecutors resign, claiming interference
Dec 27th New Democracy drops February election demand Dec 27th Retail sales down 30 percent over Christmas
Dec 27th Papandreou expresses support for interim PM
Dec 27th ‘I'll stay active,’ Papandreou tells critics
Dec 15th Unemployment at record high, seen rising further

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March 27, 2012


Mar 31st 2012 France's future: A country in denial
Mar 27th 2012 French jobless total hits highest since Oct 1999
Jan   01st 2012 French VAT hike to hit pizzas, quiches - not baguettes
Dec 14th 2011 Markets in expectation of downgrade by Standard & Poors.  
                         French  politicians issuing statements of "would be not good but 
                         also not catastrophic". Market explanation: "lowering
Dec 15th 2011  Christian Noyer is wrong - what France lacks is credibility
Dec 17th 2011  Fitch revises outlook on France to 'negative'

Jan 16th French Yields Drop at First Bill Sale Since S&P Downgrade of Nation’s Debt
Jan 03rd RTRS: French 23-week T-Bill for EUR 2.202bln, bid/cover 2.827 vs. Prev. 4.01 (yield 0.074% vs. Prev. 0.553%) (via @FGoria)
Jan 03rd RTRS: French 12-week T-Bill for EUR 4.438bln, bid/cover 1.72 vs. Prev. 2.61 (yield 0.023% vs. Prev. 0.005%) (via @FGoria)


EZRBackground - Austria
Mar 27th 2012

Österreich will rasch Steuerabkommen mit der Schweiz
Jan 1st 2012 #
Spindelegger wants stop of new employment in public sector (ger)

Jan 10th 2012

Austria sells 10YR bonds at average yield 3.322%, down from 3.528% in the last July auction but yields rose for 5yr bonds 2.21% v 1.96% Nov (via @lindayueh)
Jan 4th 2012

Österreich-Bonität leidet unter Ungarn-Wirren:Kosten für Kreditversicherungen gegen Zahlungsausfall

von #Österreich auf über 200BP gestiegen (via @Schuldensuehner)

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Apr  01st 2012 Spain’s government: Starting to worry
Mar 29th 2012 Spain Pledges Deepest Budget Cuts in More Than 30 Years
Mar 27th 2012 Analysis: Spain risks years without economic growth
Jan  04th ***Spain has no plans to seek EU and IMF loans for bank overhaul, according to the Deputy Communication Minister*** (via @FGoria)
Jan  02nd deficit could surpass 8% (ger)
Dec 31st  Spain sets out plans to cut deficit 
 Dec 22nd Spain names ex-Lehman executive as economy minister
 Dec 19th Spain's Incoming President Announces His Plans To Stabilize Spain
Dec 18th Spain PM to outline tough reforms
Dec 16th Fitch puts Spain on rating watch negative (eng)

Nov 18th 2012 Spain Seeks Investment From Latin America
Long term data
Apr 13th 2012 14 Jaw-Dropping Facts About The Spanish Economy

March 25, 2012


Apr 02nd 2012 The Economic Adjustment Programme for Portugal. Third review – Winter 2011/2012 (EcoFin)
Mar 25th 2012 Secret Troika report: Portugal faces a Greek debt drama (Die Welt)
Jan 24th 2012  Fears Mount That Portugal Will Need a Second Bailout
Jan 20th 2012  Has Portugal's debt default clock begun to tick?
Jan 19th 2012  Portugal to need "debt haircut" as economy tips into Grecian downward spiral
Jan  09th 2012  ECB lending to Portugal rises
Dec 20th 2011  Portuguese finance minister Gaspar: budget deficit will be about
                         4% this year. If this is met, would be on course to meet 2012 4.5%
                         target. (via @lindayueh)


Jan 04th Portugal April Bill Avg. Yield 4.346% Vs. 4.873% on Dec. 7 (via @Schuldensuehner)
Dec 15th 10yr bond mid yield 12,54 % (via @Tradeweb)


EZRBakground - Italy
Jul 25th 2012
4 Italy holds bond swap to ease pressure on linkers
Jun 13th 2012
¹ Stop contagion by focusing on growth, says Monti
Jun 11th 2012

Worry for Italy Quickly Replaces Relief for Spain
May 24th 2012
¹ Monti sees progress on growth after meeting of EU leaders
May 18th 2012
¹ Industrial orders down 14.3%
May 15th 2012
¹ Milan bourse suffers after new Greek elections announced
May 14th 2012
May 14th 2012
¹ Treasury sells 3.5 billion in three-year bonds
May 13th 2012
4 Italy mulls using army to stem political violence
May 11th 2012
¹ EU sees Italy on track to balance budget
May 11th 2012
¹ Businessman commits suicide near Molfetta
May 11th 2012
¹ Human-sized dummies hung around Rome in protest at suicides
May 11th 2012
¹ Yield falls at bond auction
May 11th 2012 #
Italy shoves itself between France and Germany (WSJ Deutschland)
May 10th 2012 #
When two neighbors talk to eachother again (NZZ)
May 9th 2012
4 Italy presses Germany for more crisis flexibility
May 7th 2012
³ Italy Tax Revenue Rose in First Quarter Even Amid Slump
May 7th 2012
¹ Man hangs himself in playground
May 7th 2012
¹ 12 mln euros in 'Ndrangheta assets seized
May 7th 2012
¹ 'Focus on growth', Monti tells EU after French, Greek votes
May 4th 2012
¹ Two tax officials arrested for 'work-dodge scam'
May 3rd 2012
² Italian PM Monti to negotiate tax treaty with Switzerland
May 2nd 2012
¹ Italy must thank Germany for austerity push, Monti says
May 2nd 2012
¹ Govt calls on public to report waste for spending review
Apr 30th 2012
¹ Gambling is Italy's third-largest industry, study finds
Apr 30th 2012
¹ Cabinet to discuss spending cuts to avoid VAT increase
Apr 27th 2012

Italian Borrowing Costs Jump at $7.9 Billion Auction
Apr 17th 2012

Balanced budget enshrined in constitution
Apr 5th 2012

Household savings drop to 17-year low
Apr 4th 2012

Authorities crack down on boat owners 'without incomes'
Apr 4th 2012

Household incomes down 4% since 2008-09
Apr 2nd 2012 Italy to Press EU to Do More to Boost Growth: Minister
Mar 31st 2012

China confident in Italy economy, stresses reforms
Mar 29th 2012

Tax returns show workers earn more than entrepreneurs
Mar 28th 2012

Italy blames Germany, France for eurozone debt culture
Mar 27th 2012

Big parties reach agreement on electoral reform, MP cull
Mar 25th 2012

'Italy open for business,' PM Monti tells Japan
Jan 20th 2012

Govt approves liberalisation package
Jan 10th 2012

Fitch sees significant chance of Italy downgrade
Jan 9th 2012

Italy banks increased sharply their use of ECB loans to over €200bn last month, accounting for almost a quarter of total liquidity supplied (via @ChrisAdamsMKTS) 
Dec 31st 2011

Italian president urges sacrifices to save economy
Dec 27th 2011

Italy Retailers in Worst Christmas in 10 Years
Dec 22nd 2011

Factbox: 'Save Italy' package
Dec 17th 2011

Monti Wins Approval for Italian Austerity Plan in Lower House
Dec 16th 2011

Fitch puts Italy on rating watch negative (eng)

Jan 24th 2012

Italian gov bonds advance for 7th day: 2YR note rises, yield -5bp to 3.53%, 10YR bonds rise, yield -6bp to 6.03% -close to falling below 6% (via @lindayueh)
Jan 20th 2012

Italy Govt Bonds 10 Year Gross Yield 6.306%(via @FGoria)
Jan 18th 2012

Italy Govt Bonds 10 Year Gross Yield 6.419% (via @FGoria)
Jan 12th 2012

Spread and yield fall below crucial levels
Jan 9th 2012

Italy Govt Bonds 10 Year Gross Yield 7.152% (@FGoria)
Dec 29th 2011

Monti pledges market reform and growth in 2012
Dec 29th 2011 #
Monti starts 2nd part of reform agenda:growth package (ger)
Dec 29th 2011

Monti calls for united response to eurozone crisis
Dec 29th 2011

10-year bond yield falls below 7%
Dec 27th 2011

Italy Govt Bonds 2 Year Gross Yield 5.041% - Italy Govt Bonds 5 Year Gross Yield 6.352% - Italy Govt Bonds 10 Year Gross Yield 7.073% (via @FGoria)
Dec 23rd 2011

***Italy Govt Bonds 10 Year Gross Yield 7.015%*** (via @Fgoria)
Dec 19th 2011

2YR bond yield <5% for 1st time since Nov 1: 4.98% -31bp; 5YR -29bp 6.06%, 10YR +19bp 6.79%. Yield curve is steepening. (via @lindayueh)
Dec 15th 2011

10yr bond 7,29 % (source Reuters via @FGoria)
Dec 15th 2011

10yr bond 6,77% (

# = German language

¹= ANSA news agency