April 18, 2017

EVs in the Netherlands

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as Twitter user @egghat from Germany noted: there are a lot more electric vehicles (EVs) currently in the Netherlands than in Germany.

He asked why there's a difference and here are some answers translated from available Dutch websites:

Please note that ANWB is the Dutch counterpart of British AA or German ADAC motor club.
"Early 2016 there have been some 91000 electric vehicles counted on Dutch roads"  source: ANWB 
According to this source the number has increased to almost 112000 at the end of December 2016 (an increase of 28% year on year)
Fully electric vehicle share was 13105 units (some 40% increase), the rest plug-in-hybrids
Ranking fully EVs:
Tesla:            6049 cars
Nissan Leaf:  1757 cars
Renault Zoe: 1377 cars

Mitsubishi Outlander: 25984
Volvo V60 phev: 15804
VW Golf GTE: 10691
(all numbers from source verkeerspro.nl)

the range of various EVs
Top 50 [ev-database.nl, Dutch]
Topsnelheid=maximum speed

What are the costs of driving electric ? (Dutch, ANWB)
Prices in Euro,

some excerpts:
If you can charge your car at home or at work, it costs approx 1/2 of gasoline, if not costs are roughly equal those of gasoline.

(regular prices for electricity are in the range of 18.5-20.5 €Ct per kWh, including all taxes )

Maintenance costs
are about 40% of regular cars if it runs 100% on a battery, plug-in hybrids +-70% of regular cars

Tax incentives
Because cars are taxed quite heavy in the Netherlands, the government has plenty of tools to stimulate the purchase of an electric car.
1st the tax on new cars (BPM) does not apply to fully electric cars and cars running on hydrogen.
2nd the tax for private use of business cars is considerably lower than for conventional cars
(4 % taxation per year instead of 22%)
Tax reduction scheme for eco friendly investments
additional source: 
econ ministry website 

registration taxes like BPM explained in German: Wikipedia

Some municipalities offer extra incentives for the purchase of a full electric vehicle
Amsterdam for registered businesses:
cars: max. 5000€ (for business related travel & taxis)
trucks & buses: max. 40000€
source: City of Amsterdam

The Hague
cars: max 3000€ for used cars & 5000€ for new ones (100% EV vans & cabs) 
source: The Hague

possibly new subsidies in 2017
(lobby group suggests 6000€ per car, article describes how earlier subsidies have been wasted and government tries to avoid that in future, econ minister Kamp's goal for 2020: 10% EV share new registrations)
source: RTLZ, June 2016

a list of fully electric cars available in NL  (Dutch, ANWB)
including range in KM and retail prices (in €)

EV top 10 lowest consumption per 100 KM (Dutch, ANWB)
in kWh and vehicle's range

Already many charging stations available
(map EV-Box here)
BENELUX Map provided by https://oplaadpalen.nl/?sw=N :

Utilities like NUON offering charging stations for individuals for e.g. 659€ as well as for companies & municipalities  

review Opel Ampera (Volkskrant, 2017, Dutch)