November 23, 2015

Refugee related data

Funding shortage leaves Syrian refugees in danger of missing vital support [UNHCR, Jun 25 2015]
In Jordan, head of UN food relief agency urges increased funding for Syrian refugees [UN News Center, Aug 12 2015]
Europe's migrant crisis: key questions [Yahoo/AFP]
Over 900,000 migrants arrived in Germany this year, state ministry [Reuters, Nov 20 2015]
Sweden hits refugee crisis zero hour [DW, Nov 20 2015]
Ifo think tank sees refugee costs soaring [DW, Nov 10 2015] [Nov 24 2015]
UK aid for Turkey to help address impact of the Syria conflict [UK govt, Nov 13 2015]

Mehr als nur ein freundliches Gesicht zeigen [Die Welt,  +-Sep 10 2015]

November 15, 2015

Je suis Paris & Je suis pissed

Dear reader,

for the record:

enough is enough


I detest all apparatchiks who prefer political correctness over effectiveness in combatting THE ENEMY !!!

I hope all those wounded in Parisian hospital make it and all politicians stop talking & start acting.

This is not only an attack on France, but rather on all of us Europeans and civilized people in general !

Every response short of a NATO article 5 is inappropriate. It's either them or us, either fight them there or in our cities!

If there are still national politicians who prefer to issue the usual 'blablabla' instead of doing the right things i will continue with individual blog posts with the motto: J'accuse !

Of course there's a lot of solidarity and compassion for all those who lost love ones or who have been wounded needlessly in this attack. It shouldn't be necessary to repeat the expression of condolences and therefore the emphasis must now be that the enemy must be not only prevented of his capability to strike anywhere in Europe again, but this evil must be annihilated completely.

If some politicians still can't/won't share this view they'll have to go !
France Needs to Push for Activation of NATO’s Article V—Now [National Interest]