August 01, 2012

Human cost of euro crisis - Increasingly in Europe, Suicides ‘by Economic Crisis’
Man hangs himself in playground
Businessman commits suicide near Molfetta
Human-sized dummies hung around Rome in protest at suicides

Jobless Man, 42, Commits Suicide – 350 Incidents in June 2012 (Keep Talking Greece, Jul 9th 2012)
Note found on Syntagma suicide victim
Suicides have Greeks on edge before election

Crisis-led suicide epidemic: Greek mother & son jump to death
Greek suicide epidemic continues: Debt-strapped pensioner hangs himself
Spanish homeowners rally together to fight evictions by banks
Spain protest movement fights housing evictions
The human cost of austerity (Al Jazeera, Oct 27th 2012)
Spanish firemen and locksmiths refuse to evict homeowners (Telegraph, Feb 22nd 2013)
Spain: Eviction Orders Top 75,000 In 2012 (Sky News, Mar 22nd 2013)
Unemployed youth turn their backs on Spain ( Apr 1st 2013)
Young Greeks See Emigration as Only Answer to Crisis, Poll Shows (Bloomberg, May 26th 2013)
Greek ex car racing champion commits suicide due to economic crisis (Keep Talking Greece, Apr 2nd 2013)
More Children in Greece Are Going Hungry (NYTimes, Apr 8th 2013)
Helios orphans fall victim to haircut (Cyprus-Mail, Apr 14th 2014)
Spain approves new eviction law (Huffington Post/AP, Apr 18th 2013)
Spain's population falls as immigrants flee crisis (Reuters, Apr 22nd 2013)
32.500 Spaanse gezinnen uit hun huis gezet
Crisis-burdened Spain and Cyprus are hot spots for women to sell their eggs (Quartznews, May 10th 2013)
How Austerity Kills (NYTimes, May 12th 2013)
Portugal's African community hit hard by austerity (BBC, May 22nd 2013)
Portugal's pensioners take to the barricades (, May 25th 2013)

Carol Hunt: I would urge my children to emigrate in search of hope

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